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Mic Check, One, Two, One, Two! Is This Thing On?

Bringing Happiness and Contagious Energy to those around is what moves us at Mic Fun!


Our mission is to make life more vibrant and exciting, less formal and bureaucratic, by dressing the world in designs and patterns that are fun and stand out!

If life is a party, we want you to be the DJ, Lead Singer, Drummer, or whatever you want to be! Let the clothes speak for you:




  • Fun  >  Formality

  • Doing  >  Being

  • Friends  >  Contacts

  • Memories  >  Wish Lists

  • Experiences  >   Possessions

  • Spontaneity  >  Routine

  • Cocktails  >  Coffee

  • Parties  >  Meetings

  • Sailing  >  Driving

  • Beach  >  Office




Our Energy and the Brazilian Passion are the basis for the creation of our shorts. We want to always develop the coolest patterns: those that embrace the Mic Fun spirit and that our friends expect of us. Yes, friends!

Because YOU, as our client, will always be close to us as our friends would. Our shorts foster an immediate connection between those who wear them! We even came up with a name for you, if we may: Mic Fans!!

We want to hear from you, so get in touch with us! We promise to answer every single message... as soon as the music stops!